Friday, June 4, 2010

Down on the Street - Los Angeles Edition

I've made about a dozen runs up to Electra's L.A.-based photographer over the past year, bringing him two-wheeled goodness for him to work his magic on. All of us at Electra are always blown away on how perfect he makes the bikes look. Cables are consistent, tires have the perfect amount of sheen (not too much, just rich and black) and the colors are 100% true.

One of the fun things for me during these trips is to check out the funky vehicles that are parked around his studio. He has an early Ford Ranchero under cover and there are some odd wheeled movie prop things parked around the complex. Today I spied something new - a scoop of Virgil Exner-penned iron in the form of a 1960 Plymouth Valiant.
Let's zoom in on that cool aluminum grill:
Gotta love the 60's font. That logo would certainly make for a sweet t-shirt.

Need divergent curves? They're available in spades:
Interesting that it's badged as a Suburban...
...especially considering that Chevrolet had been using the marque for 27 years by the time the Valiant debuted.

That roof rack is just begging for a vintage longboard.
One of the best features, not pictured, is the car's venerable Leaning Tower Of Power Slant-6 engine. With it's reputation for longevity, I think I need to add Slant-6-powered car to my list of cars I'll own before I'm dead.

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