Monday, June 28, 2010

By George, It's A Garden Gnome

A little something special arrived in the mail today, courtesy of our friends Eric and Rebecca.
Here's the letter:

"Chris and Allison,

Came across this at a friend's house the other day and they were looking to find Dubya a fine home with a liberal bent. So, naturally, I'm sending it to you since the sight of it in our garden might trigger a militia assembly (I should mention that the sender live in a very conservative Texas city -c).

These friends moved from Ohio and were given the Bushgnome by a friend of theirs who manufactures these. Check out the various versions at the website on the bottom of the gnome.


Yep, it's a representation of the moron who occupied the White House for eight years, the guy who put the DUH in DUH-bya. Naturally I had to display him with pride in our courtyard:
However, even ten year-old Celeste was embarrassed by his presence and promptly hid him behind a planter.
That girl is one smart cookie, I tell you what.

He's now back for all to see. We'll see how long it takes Celeste to re-hide him.

Thanks Eric and Rebecca!

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