Tuesday, June 15, 2010

California Curiosity - Houses & Noise Barrier Combo

Yep, Californians are retarded and will place houses anywhere.
Even utilizing highway noise barriers as the structure's back wall.
This small development is adjacent to I-405 (or "the 405" in the local vernacular) in Westminster. I've past it a few times while traveling from L.A., but never had a chance to snag some shots of it.
(sorry about the blurriness, I was traveling at ≈50 MPH when I randomly snapped the shots)

At least the last one has some natural light coming in from one point on the back half of the house. One of these days I'll have to check out the houses from the other side. Oh wait, there's Google Maps for that.

Overhead view:
And from the street (and via teh innernets at least), you'd be hard-pressed to tell that the houses have no back yard.
Still, I bet it's loud and that it smells.

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