Sunday, June 27, 2010

Field Trip - Exotica Nursery, Vista

While bumming about in North County Saturday afternoon, we encountered a sign for an exotic fruit nursery. It might as well as said "free ice cream and puppies" as Allie practically grabbed the wheel and steered us into the nursery's lot.
Established about thirty years ago, this ramshackle establishment hasn't seen much in the way of improvements since Regan's first term.

But that was fine by us, as it felt much more as if you were in someone's private little hobby/sanctuary.

Trees to climb,
"shop dogs" to pet,
fruit to pick,
greenhouses to explore,
and plenty of hand-written signs:
The coffee sign wasn't for roasted, ground and bagged coffee, but rather coffee plants:
Maybe next time.

and figs too:
Acres of interesting plants:
Allie ended up buying a few plants, two pineapple guavas and one pomegranate to add to our small garden.
I'm certain that we'll return for a few more fruit trees in the near future.
Maybe I'll even bring along a real camera.

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