Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ponto Afternoon: Kite and Sand Hole

We're fortunate to live so very close to a fantastic sliver of sand - south Carlsbad's Ponto Beach. And this time of year is a great time to visit it. The water remains in the low 60s and school year still has another month remaining, meaning the tourists haven't yet arrived. Arizona-plated motorhomes aren't hogging 2-3 spaces along coast highway so it's still easy to find a spot, even on a sunny Sunday.

Today we brought a few additional toys and tools that are always forgotten: a kite and a couple of stout garden shovels. Tired of digging holes using plastic shovels or buckets, the Craftsman border spade and shovel meant that Celeste was enjoying a little hideout in no time.
Allie supervised us (and read):
Dig, dig, dig, we made good progress until my scrawny upper body grew tired...
So Celeste grabbed her ladybug kite and lofted it up.
She didn't want to let much line out, so the max altitude achieved today was likely 40'. But she was pleased.
Run, run, run - on down to the water's edge. She was afraid of it getting wet.

After 20 minutes of kite flying, it was back to the hole.
The two of us were able to dig down to about 4 feet or so before hunger took over.

Back home the grill was warmed and a feast whipped up in short order. And there was cake for desert.
I sat under the palms reading until dusk. I think I could do this once a week and never grow bored of the routine.

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