Friday, April 3, 2009

Taiwan: Taiwan Beer!

Spend any amount of time in Taiwan, and chances are you'll find yourself with a Taiwan Beer.

It's generally served at restaurants in 600ml (~20oz) bottles and is by far the most popular beer on the island. I really like it - in moderation. The Taiwanese tend to slam the stuff (along with red wine and whiskey, at the same time), it's difficult to keep your little 4 oz or so Taiwan Beer glass less than half full. As soon as the level gets down, someone's bound to top it up. So I nurse my beer like the lightweight I am.

I brought a six pack of the Gold Medal variety back in my checked bags. And a souvenir glass that "fell into my pocket" at a vendor dinner.

Oh, and it tastes pretty good too - a dry lager. Typical Asian beer that goes well with most Asian foods. Read more about it here. I'm not feeling all that creative tonight and am about to hit the hay.

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