Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Good Day!

Another great day in Carlsbad. Under a cloudless sky we headed out to the beach (South Ponto). Celeste made us her interpretation of various foods using found objects.
Not very crowded
Hit Kotija Jr. in Encinitas for the best fish tacos (even if they are served on styrofoam).
Celeste had a beef taco plate. Hold the lettuce!
Cleaned up the dusty Electra fleet:
Later we had friends over for a summer Sconnie meal. Wisconsin-style brats on the grill.
Chop an onion, saute in butter:
Add cheap Milwaukee beer (be sure to take a few slugs from the can):
Let grilled brats simmer in glorious mixture for 45 min or so. Use beer/butter-soaked onions as toppings:


swanwilliam said...

well done

Doubledrumlin said...

You mean I've been doing it wrong? Folks I know around these parts boil THEN grill. Oh, I'm so confused!

Green Laker said...

I learned the grill-then-boil method from my uncle who used to cook up a ton of brats for the Stoughton Jaycees fundraisers. Maybe it's a regional thing - you do things a little different up in Waterloo...