Sunday, April 26, 2009

Field Trip - San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park

Since we're members of the San Diego Zoo and don't have to pay admission, we trekked out to Escondido on Saturday morning to spend a half day at their impressive Wild Animal Park.

The Wild Animal Park is an 1800 acre wildlife sanctuary and houses over 3500 animals, most of which are from the African and Asian continents. Sadly I left the point-and-shoot camera's memory card at home, so I had to settle for using the iPhone's camera. Oh, and we only had a half day planned - and with half of the park closed until 2 PM due to moving some animals around, we're sure to make a return visit. Let the pix roll...
Victoria crowned pigeon

Celeste can't resist hatching from shells

Hungry lorikeet slurping a $3 cup of nectar

petting a cheetah (or some spotted critter)

pettin' a 24 year-old python


Allie in front of a yellow-tufted mullet

And all followed up by Allie's favorite part of most field trips - a picnic in the van.

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lovely daughter, darling family. you're blessed, my friend, and I'm trying…