Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another New Ride - Under Construction

I saved my pennies and sold off some unneeded stuff over the past month or so in order to purchase a new mountain bike.

Why a new one? What about the three nice mountain bikes hanging up in the garage? Well, since I no longer feel obligated to ride a bike offered by the company I used to work for, I have chosen what I really want to ride (and what I've lusted after for about a year). Plus, I'm a bike whore and like to try out/own different bikes.

Okay, here's what I bought:

Pivot Mach 5 frame kit. Included was the frame, Fox fork & rear shock, front derailleur and headset. 5.5" (140mm) of rear wheel travel. Assembled in Tempe, AZ.
I'm pulling the XT drivetrain and brakes from another bike in the fleet. New wheels, bar and stem and an e.13 bashring are on the way. A Crank Brothers Joplin R adjustable seatpost arrived on Thursday.

Detail shots...
mmm... delicious unidirectional carbon fiber swing link

tasty red anodized aluminum CNC machined bits

scrumptious forgings and super-clean welds

I'm antsy to get it built up. All I need are the wheels and thismuch shifter cable housing. Hopefully I'll be riding it by next weekend.


cowdog said...

Nice new frame! But I have it on authority that real men who ride DW-link bikes ride a Turner!


Dongoose said...

Thing of beauty. Stacy's Titus (from the same guy who started Pivot) was the nicest frame detail-wise I've ever built. Everything was faced and chased and dialed. Building it up was butter...hopefully the Mach 5 is the same way. All you need is some Easton bits and a good lid to match!