Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Car Hunting, Pt. 4 - The Details

Spending a few evenings and weekend afternoons with the new toy, I found some interesting details. The car's original delivery date, written in permanent marker on the inside of the hood.
The inside of both the hood and trunk lid had wax residue. Yep, the original owner was even more OCD about car care than I am. Most of the wax is gone, the date is staying.

K&N air filter decal on the inside fender...
...the filter is present and clean.

An aftermarket, lighted rear-view mirror greatly enhances ease of use come nightfall.
Well-integrated with the rest of the "courtesy lights", switching on when the doors are opened.

A faded Miata Club Of America decal on the windshield:
Highlighted passages in the owner's manual:
The mystery box of bonus goodies:
What's inside?
OEM rear-view mirror and horn and e-brake boot (which was replaced with a leather aftermarket unit), OEM tape deck, front tie-down brackets and the unused front license plate holder. The radio will be refreshed, updated and re-installed on down the line.

Some of the sales and marketing materials that came with the car:
Car And Driver and Road & Track reprints, window sticker ($14,715 in 1991 + $1,800 "added dealer markup" - $26,100 in today's dollars), pre-delivery inspection checklist, etc.

And, after several hours of clay bar, polishing and waxing, I discovered underneath some lightly-oxidized paint was a more-than-respectable finish with some semblance of gloss:
End of Car Hunting posts. At least until I start the search for my next car...

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