Sunday, August 7, 2011

My First Three Bikes

Found some old pix at my parent's house last week...
1975 Roadmaster (made in Olney, IL)
1977 Rampar R-10 (later run over by a neighbor lady and replaced with an '81 model)
1981 Raleigh Rapide + tube socks

Yeah, surprisingly no Schwinns. All of my friends had Schwinns, I wanted something different, so we drove to the larger twin cities of Champaign/Urbana, IL and bought the Raleighs from Durst Cycle.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Stem shifters, chrome pie plate, seat adjusted down, forward and with the nose up for adolescent comfort. And let's not forget a fork rake to rival a boomerang. Oh, and the socks...Nice.

Keith said...

Looks like they definitely bought that last bike for you to "grow into".

My first "10 speed" was a Raleigh Record (white with orange panels). Maybe....1973??