Friday, August 26, 2011

Green Lake 2011 - Poor Attempts At Dear Photograph

After spending some time perusing a few months ago, I decided that the trip to Green Lake would be a great opportunity to try out the technique where one holds up a vintage photo in the same setting. Little did I realize how difficult it could be to get everything to line up properly. Oh well, even if the photos turned out terribly, it was still an interesting and challenging exercise. Here goes...
mom, winter '69-'70 (pregnant with me at the time)
grandpa & grandma, early 70s
cousins, mid-70s (Kimmy, me, Jeff, Dan)
me, with fish, late-70s
puppy Kasey, Taffy and Kimmy, 1985
brother Dan & Hot Wheels, 1985
Kasey, 1987

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emily b said...

I think you did an awesome job! It's so cool that you are still chillin' at your old childhood haunts...