Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I Miss About Madison pt. VII

Mounds Pet Food Warehouse.

Yep, I miss a pet food store. But Mounds is unique. In an industry dominated by one lame mega-chain (PetSmart) and an even lamer one (San Diego-based Petco), it was refreshing to visit the east Madison store a couple of Saturdays per month to get some noms for the dog(s). Humble and unassuming, the east Mounds would invariably have numerous other dogs checking out the chow and the good selection of durable toys.

Their propane refilling station was key to many grilling sessions. Unlike the scammers at Home Depot and AmeriGas, your 20# tank would actually be filled to capacity. HD and AmeriGas reduced their fills over the summer to 15# - for the same price I'd pay for 20# at Mounds. The 3/4 "fills" are one of the reasons we keep burning through the propane (the other reason being the mild weather).

And I can't forget the best thing about Mounds - you couldn't leave the store without 2-3 bite size Mounds candy bars.

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