Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Down On The Street

Following up last week's Down On The Street, neighborhood edition with another slow-moving chunk of German iron.
Easily mistaken for a washing machine sitting on the street is this 1991 VW Vanagon (aka T3) Carat. This was the last year for a rear-engined VW van, the layout having run it's course over a 41 year span.
Allie and I really wanted one of these when we were first married, but at the time couldn't afford one. This example has the "Multivan" seating configuration that our EuroVan has. Two rear-facing jump seats, a table mounted to the driver's side in the passenger compartment and a rear seat that folds into a bed.
Sure looks better than the VW/Dodge Routan ("Crouton"). 100x more character too.

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