Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Joe and the Boat - Genva Lake, WI

Joe and his family have certainly been enjoying the Aqua Fury / Dragonfly - my old 1957 Thompson Deluxe Sea Coaster.

Over Memorial Day Weekend she was put into familiar waters - Wisconsin's Geneva Lake (aka Lake Geneva). During my tenure as owner, it probably saw about 5-7 trips on Wisconsin's second deepest natural lake.

As far as we know, the boat was never used to tow water skiers or tubers by her previous owners (me and the Swans). Joe's kids got quite the workout in the chilly water being tugged around by the two stroke 1959 Johnson Super Sea Horse 35 (falsely labeled as "Super Quiet").

Look closely and you'll see her at the end of the last of the docks at the Riviera.

zoomed in

It's hard for me to look at these pics and not think that the boat is still mine. I feel like it's just another toy we left back in the Midwest to be picked up someday.


Unknown said...

The boat is yours whenever you are back in town! Same with you Bill!!

Next weekend: The Chicago River.

Unknown said...

Oh and I think the Super Sea Horse is falsely labled as 35 HP. It has to be slightly higher... it was really going!! The kids were catching air on that tube!

Green Laker said...

You should bolt on a turbocharger.

swanwilliam said...

Surprised the back of the hull didn't come off! Dad used to use a wooden kneeboard off the back of the boat in years past. It was a custom made thing, with rope to put over the knees. I don't think it made the trip to IL way back when.

Unknown said...

The transom is safe as long as I am pulling the kids or Julee.

Now if *I* went back there it would be a very different story. The boat would most likely rip apart.

Bill I'd love to see old photos of that!

Oh and since August I've trailered it over 2,200 miles!