Sunday, July 1, 2012

Prototyp Automuesum, pt. IV

The fourth, and final installment of pics from the stunning Prototyp Automuseum in Hamburg, Germany. Scroll down for parts 1-3, if you're incredibly bored/suffering from insomnia.

Porsche 356 toy mold (the actual toy produced is seen in the background):
Original catalog illustration:
 Original VW Type II Bus catalog illustration:
Pointillism art for Gasolin chain of service stations. India ink, by Bruno Bergner:
1937 Auto Union Type C panel shaping buck:
Porsche 911, prepped for rally w/four wheel drive. Yes please.
911 interior, nice Terratrip:
 Drilled for lightness:
 speed holes
 roof vent
 windshield brace, vent scoop, hood pin
 roof-mounted extra tail/running lights, spare

Gorgeous 356 Carrera 2
 decklid badge
356 Cabriolet, body by Gläser:
as affixed to the right front fender


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more from the automotive graphics designer and artist Bruno Bergner (1923-1995): see the german CV website or try out the german wikipedia.

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