Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Ride Stats

WARNING! - excessive gloating ahead, proceed with great caution.

A lot of time was spent pushing the pedals in 2011. 425 hours, 21 minutes and 57 seconds - if I believe the stats from my aging Garmin GPS.
During that time, 17.7 days or 10.62 typical work weeks, 7,715 miles passed beneath the tires of a few different bikes in the fleet (mostly my Moots Vamoots CR road bike). That's like riding from Carlsbad to San Diego then to Halifax, Nova Scotia, back to San Diego and returning to Carlsbad...
...with 185 miles left over. So up to Los Angeles and back as a parade lap.

And over those miles I had an elevation gain of 512,807'. 97.12 miles - or 17.66 Everests. But at least I had the benefit of plenty of oxygen and a near-perfect climate for my climbing.
458,775 calories were burned while on the bike, or converted to a standard that most Americans could relate to - 851 Big Macs®.
Virtually all of the miles were accumulated during my daily commutes to and from work, generally 18.5 miles to work and 12 from work, along with long Saturday and Sunday morning rides. Thanks to my friends Graham and Derek for joining me on many road and mountain bike rides this year.

I'm tired. And hungry. I wonder why...

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emily b said...

WOW! I am so impressed. Way to go, man!