Saturday, December 10, 2011

Taiwan: Random Taichung & Taipei Photos

A handful of shots taken in during a quick trip over to the emerald island of Formosa a couple of weeks ago.
Morning on Min-Chuan East Road, Taipei
Taipei sidewalk, outside of a school
fancy coffee maker
Siping Sunshine Shopping District, Taipei, prior to it opening for the day
Angry Birds cake at a bakery
looking east from my Taipei hotel's roof
 odd art at a fish store
 guards stand watch outside the back of the Presidential Office Building
Taiwan Armed Forces HQ
funky water tower, horrible architecture, ROC Armed Forces
safety flagger awaits deployment
He's Lovin' It®
 bad bikes
shitty shirts
...and under-scooter street cat.
 on the menu at a Japanese restaurant, Taipei
 sake watcher
Russian ice cream
Shitbox microvan on a Taichung street
surprisingly-blue skies above Taichung
random intersection, a 20 minute walk from my Taichung hotel
Taichung taxi driver w/cut-down wheel in his Toyota Wish cab
 snake catcher, SRAM factory
unnecessarily-curvy bike path, outside Taichung  
view from Taiwan High Speed Rail, Miaoli County
the sun rises somewhere over the Pacific


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for these! Very interesting and as usual, I love the variety.
xo Mom

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Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to travel with you Chris :) Cheers Mo

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