Monday, December 12, 2011

Down On The Street

Spotted at the annual Campagnolo Toy Ride (and not hard to miss - especially for a car dork like myself) was this 1960 International Harvester Metro.
Owned by Velo Hangar in Solana Beach, it was purchased in Denver and trucked out to the San Diego area where it received the sweet retro-inspired paint before being put into service.

I imagine urban areas had swarms of these vans on the streets in the years prior to my birth. Now they're a rare sight.
Drive with the slider open while perched in the belt-less driver's seat. Just don't take right turns too quickly.
I have the sudden urge to eat a Creamsicle®
I imagine these chunky rear snow tires don't ride all-that well. But they sure look cool (sans-excessive gloss)

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