Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Ride

After a delay of a few weeks, I was finally able to pick up my first-ever surfboard this morning:
It's a Craig Hollingsworth shaped 9' longboard. This one was crafted with a beginner in mind and is also a board that I should be able to use for a very long time. Putting it in bike terms, he called it a cruiser. Something fun yet slow that everyone should have in their stable. Waaay back at the end of May, I uploaded this original surf post. Over the summer, I was fortunate to be able to use Craig's personal longboard while mine waited in the queue.
Well, this one is even better. Prettier as far as I am concerned, but then again, I was able to pick every aspect. Including the triple stringers shown above.
Since Craig shapes for Hansen, among others, I was able to select this storied mark for my personal board. I just love the classic logo and overall aesthetic of the board. I think "Master" is short for Master of Disaster. If not, it should be.
And while the shade of green isn't *exactly* what I had in mind - I had requested forest green, It's still a beautiful shade. Kind of reminds me of my favorite lake...
Nice pinstripe work, hand-painted in Oceanside by a skilled craftsman who cares.
Hopefully the fins keep me up as well as allow me to turn. Actually I rode the board this afternoon at the Oceanside pier. Success - I was able to get up every time I tried. Count that up to a board with more rocker and buoyancy than the board I had borrowed all summer. That and a relatively mild day with 2-3 footers. A kook has to start somewhere...
Signed by the artist.


Anonymous said...

Hope it is safer than your bike!!!!

Doubledrumlin said... rode that YESTERDAY...on Sunday. I know for sure you didn't ride it today.

so said...

chris h
good luck in the surf
hope you had fun in LV
sorry i missed you--i did not go this year
steve O