Saturday, August 21, 2010

Attention To The Carlsad, CA Street Maintenance Department

Dear Fine City of Carlsbad, CA:

Please have your Street Maintenance Department remove the two abrupt bumps in the bike lane, located northbound on Coast Hwy, adjacent to the Encina Power Plant.
note - they don't look like much from this vantage, I hastily snapped the photo so as not to get blood on my phone

You see, these bumps are not all that obvious when riding your bike. Especially when your at mile fifty or so of your fifty five mile ride. Even experienced riders can lose their edge when fatigued - and two sharp rises in the road are not expected when the rest of the road is in near-perfect condition.

Riders of all levels can lose control when their bikes, sending them careening towards the pavement. Contact with which can create...

broken helmets...

broken bike parts...
and, worse of all, broken (and missing) skin...
I'll heal quickly, but replacing the helmet saddle and wheel will cost me several hundred dollars. I accept the risks inherent in road cycling and realize that I need to be aware of the road ahead. However I also expect the roads to be maintained at an adequate level. It wouldn't take a crew of two to three city workers more than a couple of hours to remove and patch these spots.

Please fix this section of road before more cyclists are injured.

Thank you,

Chris H.
Carlsbad, CA


Anonymous said...

I've hit those bumps too but then I am a/ not as fast as you and b/ normally encounter them on mile 5 not mile 55.

Healsoon and well.

- Graham

Unknown said...

Nice stigmata!

Too bad about the crash. Maybe a can of rattle-can to mark it for the next time?

Doubledrumlin said...

Yeeouch! Sorry to see that Chris.

Bittles said...

Ouch! dood!