Sunday, August 24, 2008

Green Lake Visit, Aug 21-22

The three of us were very fortunate to visit Green Lake a few days ago. With Jupie on his last days, we wanted to spend some time with him to say goodbye.

We dragged the boat up, but never even launched it as we had more fun just hanging out at "Old Acres" for a couple of days of swimming, fishing and relaxing.

Much remains the same at the old place - pretty amazing since it's been 21 years since Grandma O sold it. A few trees have come down in storms and the houses could use a fresh coat of paint, but for the most part visiting the property is like traveling back in time.

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Unknown said...

Good luck on your Move
:) I hope that you'd find more fun on your new place ^__^
I hope that youd blog about your new place later, im really excited to know :)