Friday, October 5, 2012

Germany Aug 2012, pt. I - Eurobike

Some pix taken during my late August trip to southern Germany. Part I, the Eurobike trade show:

Sweet Ford Modeo Estate diesel rental car. Solid, roomy, torquey and great brakes and tires...
 ...I had it maxed out at 221 km/h (≈137MPH) on an open, downhill, unrestricted stretch of the Autobahn.

Since the Eurobike trade show is in the relatively small city of Friedrichshafen, lodging accommodations can tend to be "creative" at times. This year a group of us stayed at a Catholic academy:
 Dorm style:

 My thoughts exactly:
Weingarten in the morning:
 Weingarten street art:
 Covered roadway between Weingarten and Friedrichshafen:
 Snack #1
 Part of Electra's 80 meter long Eurobike stand:
Anodized 3D violet makes a nostalgic appearance. I bought one of these headsets for my friend who owns the wonderful Velo Hangar shop in Solana Beach:
Show-going pooch:
Don P and Thor "The God Of Thunder" Hushovd:
Snack #2:
 Interesting wine-carrying rack on a Schwinn:
 German-style marketing, paint-on jerseys:
Sweet lighting:
Snack three, salty-sweet licorice fish from northern Germany (Hamburg): 
 One of many, repeated texts that kept coming through over multiple nights as I tried to sleep:
Sorry, no Don Jose here. Now beat it.


Anonymous said...

We have been waiting to see these! Nice job, as usual. Also, nice display for the Electras. M + D

Rowenta said...

I agree 100% thhat German made products is manufactured to last.

Anonymous said...

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