Sunday, October 14, 2012

BMW Museum, Pt. I

In the past few years I've tried to take a day or two after the Eurobike show to check out some great places in my favorite country to visit. Since I hadn't yet been to Munich, this year I decided to spend a day checking out the BMW Museum and the Bavarian city.

While cruising the A96 at dusk on Friday evening, I passed this mid-50s BMW 502 Cabriolet, a harbinger of good things to come the next day.
BMW's headquarters and museum (partly contained in the bowl-shaped building):
BMW Welt (BMW World), across the street.
Among other things, the sweeping BMW Welt...
...houses brand shops for Rolls Royce...
...along with a coffee bar, restaurant, gift shop and factory delivery.
new BMWs awaiting pickup by their new owners
 spot the 560HP M5s, including a police car are ready for pick up

The MINI brand shop was still under construction. Although stuffed bulldogs were available for purchase:
Some vintage VW models were spotted as well:
And smartly-designed kid's like-a-bikes:
 Isettas by the handful:
 And this trim 120D sitting in the lobby.
It's a shame that BMW doesn't bring in the best-looking and most-practical 1-series variant to the US and A.

Since BMW has such a rich history of both two and four wheeled-vehicles, I'll focus on the motorcycles with this post. Sorry that it's not very detailed. I love BMW bikes, but took more notes on the cars. Onwards...

One of each of the current offerings out front.
I'd happily put this GS in a shipping container and send it on to California:
Lederhosen-clad youths extra.

Pops was decked out for a big day as well. Waiting outside the museum.
1923 R32:
R32 flat twin engine detail:
Rear brake shoe:

Impressive wall of bikes from throughout their history:

1931 R2, known for its innovative pressed-steel frame:

I really like this R 50/2 police bike from the 1960s:

 only 500ccs of displacement from the Boxer engine

1970s (I think) R 80 GS:
Aesthetically it's definitely one of my favorites in the collection.

1938 RS 255 race bike:
RS 255 gauge package. Yup, just a tach staring at the rider:
Side hack:

Streamliner cockpit:

Streamliner helmet - more for aerodynamics than protection:
1980s Paris-Dakar GS:
Contemporary Paris-Dakar GS:
Navigation consists of a scrolling route ticker:
Mid-70s R 90 racer:
Basic gauges:
Love that orange tank:
R 90 in stock, street guise:
GS styling prototype from a few years back:
XT500 "Expresso Racer" show bike:

Now if the bugs in the Blogger site that I've been fighting get taken care of quickly, maybe I can post the cars soon. Until then, one more motorcycle, vintage marketing:

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