Saturday, June 11, 2011

South Pasadena Time Warp

Or "Down Off The Street".

While up in South Pasadena dropping off a bike for Brad and Tim at Peloton Magazine, I happened upon a 1949 Cadillac sitting seemingly in the bushes in front of a row of fantastic craftsman-style homes.
Of course, being a die-hard nerd/car-hunter, I had to stop and snap some pix. I should also mention that I have always loved craftsman homes, making it hard for me to keep my eyes on the road in this particular neighborhood. Mix in some vintage iron and I had the iPhone all warmed up to pop out of the car and shoot away.

Image one, "raw" and unprocessed:
With a heavy "June Gloom" marine layer, there was no interesting sky to be seen. A little filtering through the free Instagram app and the resulting image looks like something found in a shoebox in grandma's attic:
Next up, printing it via Postagram. These damn apps are addictive.

Oh, and the bike. I snapped a pic of that before I loaded it on the car for delivery:
For those of you who might care, it's an Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i.


Anonymous said...

I care, man. Both pix are awesome! said...

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