Saturday, March 26, 2011

Down On The Street

I happened upon a goddess while driving around the wild streets of Carlsbad this afternoon.
shot with the "finger partially obscuring the lens" app

One of my all-time favorite cars, as well as one of the cars that I will own before I'm dead, this Citroën DS is a "Safari" version. Station wagon to us 'Muricans.
I'm generally a fan of the wagon variant of just about any car, but in this case, I prefer the classic sedan's more-graceful appearance. For reference, see this post from January 2010. However, the sedan doesn't have this cool integrated roof rack:
While far from perfect, with dried-out weather stripping and evidence of a budget respray, it's a true "ten footer" car. Still it's in far better condition than the last two Citroëns I've spotted in Taipei and Oceanside. It'd make a fun addition to my fleet, especially for beach runs with a couple of longboards strapped to the roof. And who doesn't love a car with covered headlamps, complete with a swiveling feature.
The seats offer legendary comfort. I've heard tales of owners reading books while sitting in their garaged DSes as the thrones are the most supportive seats in the house.
If the owner is out there, and willing to part with the DS Safari for a song, your cash awaits...