Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Down On The Street

Spotted in downtown Encinitas on a beautiful Sunday morning was this nicely-restored 13-window VW Station Wagon variant of a VW Bus.
Someone put please replace that missing hubcap!
It's hard to beat an ivory/green combo. And hey, look, it's my friend Graham popping out from behind the drivers-side mirror.
Not captured - the smell of fuel leaking on the pavement. Hope they get that fixed before they end up with a car-b-que.

But not to be outdone, this even-finer specimen was captured in the wilds of the Del Mar dog beach six days later.
Yeah, people like my mom will scoff at the notion that this Bus, rich with patina, is nicer than the green machine above...
...but with wrap-around rear corner windows (and jailbars)...
...Porsche Fuchs wheels and an Baja excursion-sized luggage rack, I certainly know which one I'd rather have in my personal fleet.
Oh, and for those keeping score, it's a fifteen window splittie.

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