Friday, November 12, 2010

Dean & Britta Perform Galaxie 500

Dean Wareham, Britta Phillips and band played Anthology in San Diego Wednesday night. Dean was the driving force behind both Galaxie 500 and Luna and has been one of my favorite musical artists for twenty years and on this tour he prominently featured the music of Galaxie 500.

Galaxie 500 split up in 1990, but their brand of dream pop made them one of the pivotal indie rock bands, with a unique sound has influenced others over the following decades.

My friend Jen and I were able to score some decent seats at Anthology in San Diego. More of a jazz club, this long-and-narrow contemporary venue offered surprisingly good sound, considering all of the reflective surfaces present.

Unfortunately (and not surprisingly), the single condenser mic on my phone didn't capture the sound in all of its glory. Somewhat muddy and flat, the videos below sound as if they are coming from an AM radio.

Blue Thunder, from On Fire (1989), written about Dean's 1975 Dodge Dart:

Tugboat, Galaxie 500's 1988 debut single (as well as my favorite Galaxie 500 song):

Fourth of July, my second favorite Galaxie 500 song, from This Is Our Music (1990):

Tiger Lily, a fantastic Luna song from Bewitched (1994):

Ceremony, a Joy Division/New Order cover capped the night with sonic brilliance (sadly not captured by the crappy mic on the phone):

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Andy said...

Lovely stuff - thanks for posting the videos