Tuesday, January 9, 2024

First Roll Thru the FE2

I found this heavily-patinated but functionally solid Nikon FE2 very affordably priced at a local camera store, and paired it with a budget Nikon E series 36-72mm zoom. 

I'm more than pleased with the results, shot with Kodak Ultra 400 film, December 2023. The setup produced images far better than what I was expecting. Here we go...

Obligatory #firstoftheroll:

Second shot, just firing away in the backyard:

Tomales, California and the surrounding area:

Unfortunately the shack at Nick's Cove just burned down last week, due to a guest overloading the wood burning stove:

Monte Rio, California:

Yeah, the van is not quite in focus. Oh well. 

Random sign, Railroad Square, Santa Rosa, California:

And Buddy's camper:

And a BMW 2002 in Sebastopol that I have been trying to buy over the past few years, having left notes as well as tracking down the owner of the vacant property and writing them a letter. No response:

And now to Colorado and a walk in my mom's neighborhood:

And back to Mom's:

Even though I have a few other cameras that I have yet to run film through, I am eager to get the FE2 out again. 

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