Saturday, May 2, 2009

Down On The Street - 1947-48 Ford Woodie!

Ahh, I've seen so many great classic woodies since moving out here in September, but haven't always been able to catch them with the camera.

Ran to a grocery store today and came out to find this a couple of spots down from Allie's Subie.
It's a Ford woodie, either a 1947 or 48. Either way it doesn't get much better for me. A little rough around the edges but a solid car doing routine chores like running out for milk. But swing around the back and it gets even better.
No rear windows, missing some paneling AND a Mexican blanket to cover the rear seat. One perfect beach buggy.

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Doubledrumlin said...

That's it! I use some of my big red oak logs to fix the rusted out areas on the Toyota. A Corolla Woodie!