Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taiwan: Scooter Poetry

Just back from a ten day stint on the island of Formosa. As I had mentioned in a previous post from my last visit, "product poetry" is pretty commonplace in Taiwan. Especially on scooters that are over ten years old or so.

Here are some of my favorites:

"The best function
and good sensation"

"Good partner in your life"
(like a dog?)

"With fashionable feeling"

"Move your creative heart!"

"Is fascinating to you"

"That was then.........the future is now !"

"Shuttle in the city jengle. The new, speedy snail clan"

"For your nice scene"

"Get away from it all. Get away with it all"
(question to scooter maker - which one?)

"Happy be away from home then safe and sound go home"

"A new concept for create your life"

"The friendly scooter on Earth"
And my personal favorite:
"The glaring headlights of a motorcar"
(are the last things you'll see when riding this?)

And found on a motorcycle tank:
"toywork only
[I AM BAD ]"

I also saw a few dogs going for scooter rides. They seem to do a great job hanging on:
More Taiwan fun to come...


Doubledrumlin said...

A lot of those intersections in Taichung are like the start of an F1 race every 8 minutes. Two stroke scooters-of-fury FTW!

And yeah, the scooter poetry used to be more prevalent back in the not-so-good-old-days. Taiwan is definitely more sophisticated now.

Another favorite are the movie actor/fan boi/fan grlz big mud flaps on the back of some scooters. And, of course, the Family Sandwich (littlest kid standing on the platform in front of dad, dad driving, number 2 kid on the seat next, then mom holding the whole thing together. Alll on a 50cc scooter.

Green Laker said...

I saw a few "Family Sandwiches", but wasn't fast enough with the camera. I did snap a mom and two young kids though.

Dongoose said...

Can you bring me a Chacha 90 back? I've always dreamed of one of those.